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Research Paper Sources

Read on to find out about research paper sources or to find out how to obtain research papers from authentic research paper sources online.

The term Research paper source refers to the places where you get your information and material from. Gathering correct research paper sources comes from the basic few questions that you should consider before writing your research.

The Research paper sources are of various forms and nature. Books & Textbooks: Books exist on a huge number of topics. Because of the time it takes to publish a book, books usually hold more dated material than will be found in journals and newspapers.

Newspapers: Predominately covering the latest events and trends, newspapers hold very up-to-date material. Newspapers report both material that is factual in nature and also share opinions. Generally, however, they will not take a “big picture” approach or hold material about larger trends.

Government Reports and Legal Documents: The government releases material intended for its own use or for public use. These types of documents can be an excellent source of material. An example of a government report is the U.S. Census data.

Multimedia: Printed material is certainly not the only alternative for finding research. Also consider media such as radio and television, flyers, leaflets, pamphlets, advertisments interactive talks, and public meetings.

Websites and Blogs: Most of the material on the Internet is distributed via websites and blogs. Websites vary widely in quality of material and validity of sources.

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