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Research Paper Outline

Read on to find out more about research paper outlines, and find out how you can obtain a unique and high standard research paper outline online.

A Research paper outline is the basic guideline used for drafting and finalizing a good research paper. This outline is unified and it should be strictly adhered to throughout the course of the research paper.

The research paper outline is drafted in two stages. The first stage is the tentative outline stage in which you breakdown the main topic into broad sub-topics (first-level sub-topics) that you will be talking about. After that the sub-topics are further broken down into smaller sub-topics (second level sub-topics) to illustrate the main points you intend to cover.

This is the stage where you decide on the scope of the essay: If you find that you are getting more than two or three second-level sub topics for each first level sub-topic, you need to refine your outline – and even your main topic. Once this process of finalizing a research paper outline is complete, you will write your research paper draft.

The second stage in creating a research paper outline comes after writing the draft. The draft will help you determine if you have enough information to cover the first and second level sub-topics initially identified. You can realize that you have ended up with either too little information or too much information. In both these cases, your initial outline will need to be revised until you can provide adequate coverage to your sub-topics. Your final research paper will then be based on this revised outline.

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A Chicago style Essay is a writing manual, most frequently known as CMOS, and is a popular writing guide for American English.

The Chicago style Essay is one of the oldest writing and editing manuals and has been in application since 1906. It is usually used by publications. Chicago style has its own methods for citations, quotations and summary with use of subscripts. It is technically different from the more common academic writing styles of MLA and APA.

Chicago style Essay is most frequently used in newspapers, magazines and other publications. Encyclopedias and book publishers also use Chicago style for writing, editing and publishing texts every day. Chicago style is exclusive in terms of combination and mixing of several formats. Chicago style essays can accommodate other writing styles and use their methods to make the writing more clear and comprehensive.

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